Growth Incentive Zone (GIZ)

The purpose of the Downtown Hyannis Growth Incentive Zone (GIZ) is to encourage a concentrated mix of residential and commercial uses within Hyannis while ensuring that all growth is properly served by adequate infrastructure.

New development or redevelopment in the GIZ is not subject to regulatory review by the Cape Cod Commission. The current Downtown Hyannis GIZ designation is scheduled to expire, so the Town is applying to the Cape Cod Commission to continue the GIZ designation. The new application with be submitted under revised Cape Cod Commission regulations that focus on setting goals and establishing measures for six infrastructure and amenity systems: Transportation and Mobility, Water Resources, Community Services, Neighborhoods, Utilities, and Coastal Resiliency. To achieve the goals of the GIZ, the Town will implement planning initiatives, develop decision support tools, make planned infrastructure investments, and enact regulatory changes to support continued public and private investment in the Hyannis GIZ.